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8 Säkerhetsdatablad Utgiven: Lufttransport (ICAO-TI / IATA-DGR) 14.1 When obtaining medical advice, show the safety data sheet or label Most important symptoms Keep separate from food, feedstuffs, fertilizers and other sensitive material. n-octonol/water Auto-ignition temperature 230 C Decomposition temperature  time. Best. Be besöka ber förmodligen.

Iata time and temperature sensitive label

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Use this label if you are shipping goods sensitive to heat. IATA Time and Temperature Sensitive-label must not be used for other perishables than pharmaceuticals. Wet cargo Very often perishable cargo meets also definition of wet cargo: “Wet cargo means shipments containing liquids, or shipments which by their nature may produce liquids.” IATA - TIME & TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE -18ºC TO - 22 ºC Etiqueta 100 x 100 mm. 0,20 €. Impuestos excluidos.

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Use this label if you are shipping goods sensitive to heat. IATA Time and Temperature Sensitive-label must not be used for other perishables than pharmaceuticals.

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Iata time and temperature sensitive label

Revised Oct. 2009! PCR 10th Edition Time & Temperature Sensitive (Time & Temperature Sensitive (keep frozen) labels must be used when you ship or carrier Time & Temperature Sensitive goods by Air. IATA required the use of this label when you ship Time & Temperature Sensitive pharmaceutical products. They have a permanent adhesive, an indoor and outdoor life of 2 years, with Part Number - LR36 Custom Time and Temperature Sensitive IATA Label; Packaging - 500 Labels per Roll - Price per roll of 500 Labels; Material - Permanent Adhesive Paper; These labels Comply with IATA section, HM 215B, IATA, ICAO, PHMSA, and IMO when applicable. There are a variety of Air Specialty labels.

Iata time and temperature sensitive label

The Time and Temperature Sensitive adhesive label is a shipment label that must be affixed to all healthcare shipments booked as time and temperature sensitive cargo. This label is mandatory for all IATA member airlines effective July 1, 2012. The label will help ensure: Easily Track Specimen Temperatures and Time Sensitivities. Helps meet IATA Chapter 17 regulations for temperature sensitive products; Lower half of the label can be used to indicate time and temperature requirements to package handlers and couriers 標題の件、iata pcr chapter 17の改訂により、温度・時間管理が必要な医薬品の輸送において、特定の 基準を満たしたラベル(iata time and temperature sensitive label)の貼付が義務付けられました。弊社としては下記の運用と致しますので、ご案内申し上げます。 Time and Temperature Sensitive Label requirements will become mandatory for the transpiration of time and sensitive health cargo shipments starting July 1. It is the responsibility of the shipper or designated shipper’s agent by service agreement to ensure the label is properly applied and filled out on all time and temperature-sensitive healthcare cargo shipments booked as such. Additionally, a 24h contact telephone number(s) of a person knowledgeable about the shipment must be provided at the time of booking and on the Master Air Waybill. IATA Time and Temperature Sensitive label with correct temperature information must be affixed to every package containing pharmaceutical goods.

Iata time and temperature sensitive label

When you purchase the Time & Temperature Sensitive Handling labels for dangerous goods you should check and test that they comply with BS5609 specification and regulation standards.

IATA label for the marking of healthcare packages which require constant temperature maintenance and can be transportation time sensitive. Time and Temperature Sensitive label In accordance with current IATA Chapter 17 revised regulations for temperature sensitive products, this package marking label is required by the TTTF (IATA – Time & Temperature Sensitive Task Force) effective July 1, 2012. The Time and Temperature Sensitive label is designed to help all participants of air freight industry (airlines, airports, air cargo terminals and etc.) to identify shipments, that need a special storage, smoother handling or dedicated services. IATA TIME AND TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE LABEL: Label for packages.
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Do not store batteries near fire or other high temperature locations. To set the sensitivity, scan the Sensitivity bar code, then scan the degree of sensitivity (from 0-20)  No additional information available. 2.2. Label elements.

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